All You Ever Need To Know About Penis Exercises

Nowadays, most guys are looking for ways to grow their penises. In this article well discuss different types of penis exercises and how they are used in the penile enlargement process. These days, it’s cumbersome to find honest and helpful information about penis enlargement, especially in this era where business-people are trying their best to sell worthless pills in the name of helping men get massive penis sizes in no time.

So, What Are Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Penis enlargement exercises are exercises performed on or around the penis without using any equipment. A considerable percentage of the men in the world have successfully used penis exercises to increase the performance and size of their penises.. PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence research also shows that penile exercises give average length gains of 1-2.5 inches and girth gains of 0.8-1.5 inches in 3 months.
However, these results can only be achieved by being disciplined, consistent and using proven penis enlargement guides. These results don’t come overnight; that’s why you need to stick to a proven penis exercise program for at least three months.

Types of Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are various types of penile enlargement exercises. Each exercise has its specific function. Thus it’s vital to know the type of exercise you need to get a particular result.

Stretching exercises- These types of exercises mainly emphasize on increasing the length of the penis. Stretching exercises are performed when the penis is in a flaccid state. One starts by warming up the penis using a warm-cloth. After warming up, one uses his hands to stretch the penile tissues and the ligaments. Stretching exercises bring out the inner penis, thus making the penis longer.

Squeezing exercises- Squeezing exercises, e.g. jelqing focus on increasing the thickness of the penis. Unlike stretching exercises, squeezing exercises are done when the penis is about 50-75% erect. These type of exercises also need some lubrication to avoid injuries. Squeezing exercises are done by forcing more blood into the penis blood vessels. This squeezed blood causes the penis to be able to accommodate more blood, hence making it thicker.

PC muscles- There are also other exercises that improve stamina and erection quality. This is done by training the PC muscles. These are the muscles that control erections. These type of exercises are done by contracting the pelvic muscle for 3-5 seconds, relaxing, and then repeating the contraction. You can start with 20- contractions before advancing to more reps when you become more experienced. If you’re looking for an exercise that will improve your erectile stamina and strength, then this technique is best suited for you.

This was just an overview of how one can grow the size of his penis using different types of penile exercises. Keep in mind that it’s vital to know about the Dos and the Don’ts of every technique before using it. Moreover, if you’re not serious and fully committed to your method of choice, it’s pointless to waste your precious time doing penis exercises. Penis enlargement exercises require individuals who are patient, serious, and dedicated with a high level of commitment. So if you have the desire and you’re ready to pursue your dream penis size, it’s time to try out any of the penis exercises mentioned above and you’ll start noticing changes after 3-4 months of consistency.